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Your SECRET is safe with us. Client Confidentiality is the principle that an organization or institution should not reveal information about their clients to third party without the consent of the client or for legal reasons. Some online brand management companies can harm your reputation because they do not handle your case with secrecy. What sets Delhi Infotech apart from the competition is its dedication to privacy and confidentiality. While reputation management firms as a whole are not sworn to secrecy, but we are. Thus, At Delhi Infotech we respect each client's decision to keep their services confidential. Delhi Infotech understand the needs and goals of each high profile client to complete confidentiality. We have multiple billionaire clients and multinational companies, including fortune 500 and Top 100 Inc listed companies and we maintain their services with us, private and confidential. We also manage celebrities and agencies handling many other celebrities, and we protect their services with complete secrecy and confidentiality. We understand confidentiality matters most and honor the same. Hence don't ask us for who our clients are, as we will not share that data, as we handle each case with secrecy and confidentiality.

The work we do for our search engine reputation management clients is confidential. Online reputation management can be a sensitive matter; we understand this. Only our core staff is aware of the specific nature of our confidential assignments. Whether we help our client's site(s) rise, or assist removal of negative information in the results, we do so securely, quietly and efficiently.
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